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Bertelsmann University Adds CreativeLive Classes

The Bertelsmann University has added around 2,000 online CreativeLive classes to its program. The content of the provider of online education in the creativity and innovation segment is now available for all employees via peoplenet – relating to topics such as communication, emotional intelligence and cooperation.

For the corporate culture at Bertelsmann, creative and entrepreneurial skills represent important skills that play an essential role for the professional and personal development – today and in the future. The Bertelsmann University has now added CreativeLive classes to its digital learning offer with the goal to decisively support all employees of Bertelsmann with the development of these skills. Now, 2,000 classes offered by the provider of online education in the creativity and innovation segment are available on peoplenet – relating to topics such as communication, marketing, sales, emotional intelligence, leadership and cooperation.

What makes the classes special is the fact that the content is presented by celebrities, including Pulitzer Prize, Grammy and Academy Award winners as well as “New York Times” bestselling authors, opinion leaders and entrepreneurs such as Arianna Huffington and Sir Richard Branson. Compared with the existing online offer of and Linked In Learning, the CreativeLive classes were recorded before live audiences that engage with the experts in a dialog. In addition, in-depth materials that are part of the training in many classes complement the learning effect. The classes are offered in English with English subtitles.

“Lifelong learning is an essential momentum builder for the implementation of our strategy. This applies to strategically important technologies as well as creativity and innovation,” said Steven Moran, Chief Learning Officer of Bertelsmann. “We know today that creativity can be learned and needs to be regularly promoted. Given the decisive role that creativity and entrepreneurship play at Bertelsmann, the challenge is to provide the best learning content in these areas to our employees – anytime, anywhere, and in a catchy way. CreativeLive is a unique resource for this purpose, enabling all of us to expand these skills and thereby to promote our innovative culture, which we need as an organization.” 

Detailed information about the diversified CreativeLive classes is available on the website of the Bertelsmann University. More programs teaching creative competences relevant for the future are available under the new core topic “Creativity & Innovation” at Bertelsmann University. (benet)

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