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Grow your Product Management skills for a tech & data world!


The moment has arrived: Today, the Bertelsmann Product Management Learning Set launches under the heading “Grow your product management skills for a tech & data world!”. This will make it easier than ever for Bertelsmann employees around the world to develop their skills in product management and related areas such as digital marketing.

Whether you’re already working in product management or wish to delve deeper into this field of expertise: We’ve teamed up with two of our best learning partners – Udacity and Coursera – to create a state-of-the-art learning experience for you. If you’d like to learn more, you’re invited to our online info session for Bertelsmann employees on September 21, 2021 at 4 p.m. CET.

A global analysis of the skills most needed in the Group revealed that the skillset surrounding product management, especially for cloud, data and AI solutions, is of crucial importance for Bertelsmann businesses across all divisions. In particular, these skills are needed to drive the digital transformation and prepare for digital growth in the years ahead. Bertelsmann University aims to create learning solutions that effectively fill these critical skills gaps at Bertelsmann.

So what does the Bertelsmann Product Management Learning Set offer?

The Learning Set comprises a suite of diverse and flexible online learning elements designed to help Product Development & Digital Marketing teams achieve their goals in a data-driven environment. The content of the Learning Set is linked to your individual professional situation and previous experience, which makes it ideal for various upskilling or reskilling scenarios.

The Bertelsmann Product Management Learning Set focuses on the business- and customer-oriented aspects of product management, while the Bertelsmann Tech Curricula have a stronger focus on the technical side of the tech-to-business spectrum.

As with most Tech & Data learning programs, participants can learn from anywhere, at their own pace, using a range of flexible online elements. However, feel free to speak to your local HR contact if you find it easier to learn in a group: We can connect learners within your own company, as well as across the Group.

Each Learning Set comprises a number of skills that are relevant to the learner’s chosen learning objective. On your way to your goal, for each skill in the selected SkillSet, there are personalized recommendations for premium, curated content based on your personal learning progress. As a learner in selected Bertelsmann training programs, such as the Bertelsmann Tech Curricula or the Bertelsmann Product Management Learning Set, you can choose from a variety of ready-made SkillSets to simplify and further individualize your learning experience.

Our Bertelsmann Product Management Learning Sets:

  • Product Manager (Coursera)
  • Cloud Product Manager (Coursera)
  • Product Manager (Udacity)
  • Digital Marketing (Udacity)
  • AI Product Manager (Udacity)
  • Data Product Manager (Udacity)
  • Growth Product Manager (Udacity)

The first group starts on October 1, 2021 (both Udacity and Coursera). Register now.

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