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Choose one of 3 different providers to match your individual learning and content preferences: Udacity, Coursera or Harvard Business School Online

The application phase for the Bertelsmann Employee Scholarship program is still open until November 28, 2022. You can easily submit your application here:

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Today we would like to introduce you to the 3 different learning providers offered in the Scholarship program: Udacity, Coursera and Harvard Business School.

What is learning with a Udacity Nanodegree like?

Udacity courses are highly interactive with activities like quizzes and exercises interspersed between short videos and interviews with instructors and industry experts. Udacity Nanodegrees also include real-world projects, which must be completed and submitted. Students will receive feedback from mentors on these projects.

What content is included in the Udacity scholarship program?

You can choose from a defined set of Nanodegrees that follow learning paths which are in line with some of the most in-demand skill profiles across the Bertelsphere.

What does the learner journey at Udacity look like?

The learning journey will be 7 months, from December 15, 2022 – July 13, 2023 and self-guided with 4-6 hours of learning per week. You can learn in your own time. Throughout the entire learning journey, you will have access to an online community platform, where you will be able to ask tutors and other employee-students for support to help you through any learning difficulties! You will also have the chance to participate in two live “webinars” for each project, where a Udacity tutor, who is a content expert, offers a project walkthrough and unblocks any questions learners may have.





What is learning with Coursera like?

Coursera's learning platform offers an extensive course catalog on many different topics with a focus on Data, Technology and Economics. The content is provided by more than 190 of the world's leading universities (e.g. Stanford, Yale and IESE) and organizations (e.g. Google, BCG and Courses include recorded and peer-reviewed video lectures, assignments, and community discussion forums. In addition, Coursera offers “SkillSets”, an individualized learning experience by which each learner is given personalized recommendations for high-quality learning content based on their level of knowledge, learning progress and their own learning objective. When you complete a course, you will be eligible to receive a shareable electronic course certificate.

What content can participants expect in the Coursera Scholarship?

A Coursera scholarship gives you unlimited access to all learning content on the Coursera platform, including a wide range of courses, skillsets, specialization and clips. If you prefer more guidance, you will find pre-curated learning paths for Tech & Data role profiles.

What does the learner journey at Coursera look like?

The scholarship starts on December 15, 2022 and will give you a 12-months full access to all learning content on the Coursera platform. You may choose to complete a course and earn a certificate from a top University or institution of your choice or build a specific skillset following either a curated or personalized learning path based on your own proficiency level.




What is learning with HBS Online like?

HBS Online is an online education platform by Harvard Business School which offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn. The platform features short videos by HBS faculty and guest business experts, interactive exercises, and an exchange platform which you will be using to interact and engage with your (Bertelsmann) cohort peers. Lessons are brought to life through real-world cases from a range of industry sectors. To earn a Certificate, you must thoughtfully complete all modules, including associated quizzes and peer engagement exercises within the given deadlines. Modules are unlocked successively, which requires constant learner engagement.

What content can participants expect in the HBS Scholarship?

Learners will get access to the Data Science Principles Program. This course is a code and math free introduction to key data science concepts. It has been designed as a foundational course for managers and leaders, enabling non-experts to successfully interface with experts in the field. At the end of the course, learners will:

Comprehend the data science landscape and technical terminology to navigate a data-driven world

Recognize major concepts and tools in the field of data science and determine where they can be applied with impact

Appreciate the importance of curating, organizing, and wrangling data

Explain uncertainty, causality, and data quality —and the ways in which they relate to each other

Understand the consequences of data use and misuse and know when more data may be needed or when to change approaches

What does the learner journey at HBS Online look like?

The HBS scholarship will follow a 4-week schedule, from February 22 – March 22, 2023. This program is a self-paced program with weekly deadlines. Learning on the HBS Online platform is highly interactive and follows a set structure and schedule. You should be prepared to spend about 5 hours learning peer week to complete the program and earn a Harvard Business School certificate.

For more information, ave a look at the provider comparison

Go ahead now, choose your learning provider and apply right away:


October 5, 2022

Only for Bertelsmann Employees: We extend our scholarship initiative – learn in addition to Udacity also with Coursera and Harvard


Bertelsmann is launching a new “Tech & Data Scholarship” initiative today. It is designed to impart important digital skills and will run for three years. The initiative is structured into two parallel programs: the internal “Bertelsmann Employee Scholarship Program” exclusively for Bertelsmann employees and the external “Next Generation Tech Booster” program for all interested parties outside the Group worldwide.

With the “Employee Scholarship Program” for employees and the “Next Generation Tech Booster” for all tech enthusiasts outside Bertelsmann, the Group is following on from its successful “Udacity Tech Scholarship Program” (read more), which ended recently after a three-year run. The two programs in the new “Tech & Data Scholarship” initiative are offered separately in order to provide Bertelsmann participants with more targeted support, more content to choose from, and also to align the learning content with the company’s goals and targets. And so, in addition to the legacy partner Udacity, the longstanding and globally renowned partners Harvard Business School (HBS) and Coursera are now also available in the “Bertelsmann Employee Scholarship” program.

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‘Great strategic importance’


'The ongoing tech shift affects all of Bertelsmann’s businesses. Tech & Data are of great strategic importance for the future of our company,” says Bertelsmann Chairman & CEO Thomas Rabe. “Accordingly, it is important to get our employees excited about these topics and give them the opportunity for systematic upskilling and acquiring tech know-how. This is the only way we can continue to move Bertelsmann forward together and become the leading media, services and education company in terms of technology.'

Commenting on the importance of the new initiative for Bertelsmann, Chief HR Officer Immanuel Hermreck says:

“The need for ‘Tech & Data’ experts will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. This is shown by our Group-wide analyses, which we conduct together with the individual divisions. With our new Bertelsmann Employee Scholarship, we are specifically promoting the necessary upskilling and reskilling of our employees and a direct transfer of the acquired knowledge to the workplace. In this way, we are making a material contribution to the further development of our businesses.”


Distribution of seats


The Employee Scholarship Program for Bertelsmann employees comprises a total of 1,100 scholarships per year. Of these, 400 are allocated to a course of study offered by the online education provider Udacity, in which Bertelsmann owns a stake via the Bertelsmann Education Group. Participants earn a nanodegree, an accredited certificate recognized across the industry and internationally, in one of five fields: Data Science, Front End Web Development, Cybersecurity, Product Management, or Cloud DevOps over a period of seven months.

Another 600 scholarships will be awarded in the form of an annual license for the extensive range of courses offered by the Coursera online learning platform, which also includes Tech & Data programs that are especially in demand.

The remaining 100 scholarship places in the “Employee Scholarship Program” are intended specifically for junior and middle managers: a four-week course from the Harvard Business School online curriculum that teaches fundamentals in the area of Data Science. For all three programs – Udacity, Coursera and HBS – one half of the participants are nominated by the HR and specialist departments of the divisions and companies, the other half by interested colleagues. So now it´s up to you : Apply now for a corporate funded scholarship until the end of November.

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The “Next Generation Tech Booster” is aimed at all interested parties outside the Group and from all over the world who wish to learn more about promising tech and data topics. Each year through 2024, 17,000 places will be available for an introductory challenge course at Udacity. The best 500 participants will each be given the opportunity to take part in a nanodegree program lasting several months and earn the nanodegree.

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