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Udacity Technology Scholarship Enters Final Round

Gütersloh, 10/05/2021

Bertelsmann is once again promoting IT and tech talent: In the third round of the Udacity Technology Scholarship Program, which starts today, interested parties can apply for one of 15,000 scholarships in the areas of cloud, data, and artificial intelligence.

Digitalization and the accompanying technological developments require the development of new skills at all levels – worldwide, and at Bertelsmann as elsewhere. For this reason, two years ago the Group launched the  “#50000Chances” digital initiative, in which a total of 50,000 tech scholarships from the online education provider Udacity in the fields of cloud, data, and artificial intelligence are awarded over a period of three years. The opportunity is open to all Bertelsmann employees and also to interested parties around the world outside the Group. As participants in the second round complete their Udacity Technology Scholarship Program with a Nanodegree (see former news post), Bertelsmann today launches the third and final round of the scholarship program: Interested parties can now apply online for one of the 15,000 scholarships in this round. 

“The pace at which tech-based business models are developing is increasing all the time, and the pandemic has further accelerated this trend,” says Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Rabe. “At the same time, the need for skilled workers in this field is growing exponentially. Bertelsmann believes it has a responsibility to give as many people as possible access to online learning opportunities in these tech fields. We want to promote participants’ tech skills and support a transfer to the workplace. Well-trained employees with digital qualifications contribute significantly to advancing Bertelsmann on its path to becoming a technologically leading media, services, and education group. The overwhelming response to the first two rounds of our scholarship program encourages us to once again inspire thousands of people to ‘up’ their technology skills.”  

‘Seize the opportunities this initiative offers’ 

In the first two rounds of the scholarship program, more than 105,000 people from all over the world had applied for the 30,000 available slots. Around 4,000 of the applications came from Bertelsmann employees. “A Udacity degree is an important building block for them to take advantage of the momentum of technological change and use the acquired tech expertise to play a decisive role in shaping the future of our company,” emphasizes Bertelsmann Chief HR Officer Immanuel Hermreck. “In this way, they have the chance to develop personally and build up future-relevant skills that open up excellent career opportunities. So I’m proud that so many of our colleagues already participated in the past rounds, and at the same time I once again invite them to seize the opportunities this initiative offers.” 

The scholarships cover introductory “Challenge” courses followed by in-depth “Nanodegree” courses, in which, as in previous years, about ten percent of the “Challenge” course graduates will be able to participate. Interested parties can choose one of three subject areas:

  • Data – with the “Business Analytics” nanodegree course, suitable for beginners without prior knowledge.
  • Artificial Intelligence – with the “Intro to Machine Learning with Tensor Flow” nanodegree course, suitable for advanced learners with prior knowledge.
  • Cloud – with the “Azure Cloud Architect” nanodegree course, for experts with advanced prior knowledge. 

The Udacity “Challenge” courses offered in this third round last two months and, with a time commitment of two to four hours per week, can easily be managed on a part-time basis. In comparison to previous years, this time “Nanodegree” participants will be selected solely based on their fundamental understanding of the subject matter. More information about the Udacity Technology Scholarship Program is posted at  (recommended browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome); applications will also be accepted at this link from now through Nov 30. The “Challenge” courses start in December. For all interested parties, Bertelsmann University and Udacity are offering an online information session in advance. (benet) 

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