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What you will learn

Globally, AI will change the skills required across most occupations. In fact, evidence is strong that employees across a wide range of professions and work environments will need new skills to be prepared for a future driven by AI. Bertelsmann University is working closely with LinkedIn Learning to make an AI upskilling catalog available to all Bertelsmann employees which is always up-to-date and capable of delivering training to specific role and upskilling needs, ranging from fundamental AI knowledge building for general fluency to in-depth expertise for specialized tech roles. 

Learning content is organized by 5 layers addressing different skills levels in the organization. 


We recommend all AI beginners to browse content from Level 1 “Understanding”. Once you have established a basic understanding of the concept of (generative) AI, you will find useful content tailored to your own role upon proceeding to Level 2 “Applying By Industry and Job Roles”. Levels 3, 4 and 5 will be interesting for Tech & Data and related roles who wish to dive even deeper.  



To access the courses, please log onto peoplenet first, then select any course or learning path from the PDF.

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Who will benefit

With content available in multiple languages, this comprehensive curation of learning content makes AI upskilling accessible to individuals and teams in an easy and scalable way.  

Learning and Development professionals, team leads or functional leaders are free to propose content they find particularly suitable to teams or groups of individuals. Here is some guidance on how the AI upskilling framework could be used in your organization: 

A Practical Guide to Upskilling Your Organization on AI 

What you can expect

A collection of Gen AI training opportunities composed of free-of-charge self-study video training, curated and neatly organized by LinkedIn Learning.