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Healthy Leadership - Strong Performance!

Why leadership and health go hand in hand

Learn how to use three key tools to promote health and well-being of your employees to keep them productive in the long term - and how you personally can benefit!

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Bertelsmann Health

Free of charge for all Bertelsmann employees
30 minutes

What you will learn

In this e-learning course, you will learn:

  • How to do an excellent job while keeping an eye on your own health and that of your employees
  • Why health pays off for you both personally and economically
  • The considerable influence you as a manager have on your employees' well-being and productivity
  • Three key tools to help your employees stay healthy while lightening your own workload:
    • Cultivate healthy leadership behavior
    • Design framework conditions
    • Strengthen your own health
  • How you can fine-tune your own daily work routine to make it healthier, even in challenging times
  • How you can be a healthy role model without having to be an athlete or nutrition expert

Who will benefit

Leaders who want an initial overview of where the possibilities and limits of healthy leadership lie, and where they can systematically influence the well-being and productivity of their employees.

What you can expect

30-minute “online compact” session – everything you need to know about healthy leadership and its impact on business success.